Winter Warmth Sparks Pest Concerns

An unseasonable warm winter in many parts of the country has sparked concerns for a busy spring pest season ahead.

ratsAfter an unseasonably warm winter in many parts of the country, it is predicted that a busy spring pest season lies ahead.

As pests are most active during the spring and summer months, the pest control technicians at Attack Pest Control advise that homeowners take action now to guard their largest investment from potential infestations.

Rodents are of particular concern this season as major cities are experiencing rodent problems in restaurants and other public areas. Like us, rodents seek food, shelter and water in their environment.

With March as the beginning of the rodent breeding cycle and spring plants providing easy access to food, homeowners must take precautions to prevent rodent and other pest infestations in and around their homes.

Research has found that spring and summer are when pest problems are of most concern to homeowners. A variety of pests including rodents, flies, ants and cockroaches can move in without leaving many visible warning signs during early spring. To ensure that your home is unwelcoming to multi-legged guests, we offer the following tips:

Early spring is a good opportunity for homeowners to secure the services of a pest professional, who will be able to point out problem areas and treat for infestations.