Pest Control FAQs

There are fixed prices for certain treatments such as wasps and fleas, otherwise our operatives will need to visit your premises to carry out a survey and give you a free quotation. Talk to us now for free and professional advice.
Yes you can, but remember treating with poison may not solve your problem. There may be other issues, which may need resolving. These can only be identified by expert advice from our operatives. Contact us now.
Black Garden Ants are attracted to your property by a good source of food. They particularly like anything sweet. The small piles of debris are evidence of ants digging up from under the concrete floor. Contact us now for treatment.
It is more than likely you have Squirrels, but to be absolutely certain you should contact us and we will arrange to visit your property to identify and treat the pest species which is making your life a misery.
It is certainly possible for you to take the flea’s home, but unless you have an animal host such as a cat or dog then they cannot survive on human blood alone. You might suggest to your parents they contact us to have their flea problem eradicated.
If they are large furry insects then it is likely they are Bumble Bees. They are a very docile creature and will not go out of their way to attack you. They are also protected by law and should not be disturbed; they very rarely sting unless they are provoked. You may have course have a wasp’s nest. If you see a steady stream of insects much smaller than a bee entering the nest then do not disturb as they may attack you. Contact us if this is the case and we will be more than willing to visit and destroy the nest.
Your first priority is to repair the manhole. Rats live in the sewers but are more than happy to live on the surface if there is a comfortable place to live and a good source of food. Call us now and we will visit to eradicate the rats under your shed, but in the meantime stop feeding the birds as this will continue to provide the rats with an excellent source of food.
You should contact us immediately. Mice have a very nasty habit of urinating wherever they go, they have very loose bladders. You and your family could quite easily suffer from the consequences of their visit. The diseases they carry could result in a very severe upset stomach. Throw the carton of cereal in the dustbin and thoroughly clean the worktop with bleach to remove any trace of urine. Put all cereal products in sealed containers.
This is a favourite area for wasps to nest. Although the nest will die off at the end of the summer, it is quite possible one of the new queen wasps will hibernate over the winter and start a new nest next season. It is therefore important to have the nest destroyed. Contact us now and we will eradicate your problem.
It is quite possible you have returned from your holiday with some uninvited guests, probably bed bugs. You may find some blood spots on your sheets or evidence of dirt around your mattress and headboard. These are bed bug faeces, sure evidence of an infestation. This is something you cannot deal with yourself. Contact us now for an appointment to visit and treat your infestation.
This particular species of insect is called a Pharaohs Ant. They are particularly difficult to eradicate without the assistance of a professional pest control company.

They do not have a central nest as they are multi queen colonies and will infest all sorts of places in your home. They are carriers of known transferable diseases and should be treated as a public health pest.

It is likely you are not the only household suffering with the problem. You should have a chat with your neighbours. They might not have noticed the Pharaohs Ant had also invaded their property.

You should warn your neighbours of our visit, as we may need to investigate further. Do not feel your property is dirty or unhygienic; you may not be the source of the problem. You and your neighbours should contact us now to eradicate your problem.
Without doubt they are a species of Cockroach. They are carriers of all sorts of transferable diseases. They are a very nasty invader of any environment. They are not a species you can treat yourself and may well have infested adjoining properties. Contact us now to eradicate your infestation.
These are a perfectly harmless species called a Masonry Bee, not something you should be concerned about. They have a sting but it cannot penetrate human flesh. Make sure your mortar joints in your brickwork are maintained.