The Rat Race

Despite the availability of a plethora of traps and baits, rodents rank within the top five pests by volume of work.

ratsPest rodents are the fourth-ranked top pest by volume of work, so why are rats and mice still such a focus of effort?

Enough bait and traps have been sold in the past decade alone to kill millions of these pests, and no secrets exist in the life cycles of these animals, or in understanding their simple requirements for food and shelter.

In addition, the basics of improved sanitation and rodent-proofing to limit infestations are well understood. Yet frequent news reports and individual observations suggest that commensal rodent problems are as bad as ever in many cases, particularly in our cities.

There are a number of issues at stake which have allowed rodents to prosper within our neighbourhoods:

To solve the problem of a rat or mouse infestation, a true integrated pest management rodent program is needed – a solution which provides more than simply trapping and bait-station replenishment.

In addition to standard pest control techniques, an integrated solution is also comprised of surveys and the monitoring of conditions for both residential and commercial customers, enabling rapid identification of problem areas within your property.

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