Sheltering From The Cold

With the cold weather now and truly on us, it’s not just humans who want to burrow down in the blankets and seek refuge from the cold.

attack pest controlNow that we’re on the cusp of February, residents across the UK are bracing themselves for the cold, wet weather that usually hits the UK at this time every year.

It is now that you may want to take a moment to glance around your home, looking for possible access areas from the outside that any unwanted guest may find to escape the frigid Winter temperatures.

Specialists in dealing with rodent infestations, it is this time of year that the pest control officers at Attack Pest Control come into their own, being able to quickly establish potential areas of weakness within your home or office / factory structure.

Mice only need a quarter of an inch and rats need half an inch of space to enter your premises, so it is important that these areas are found and sealed before the pests have gained access and start eating their way through your stocks of food and other produce.

Common areas of entry include soffits, flashings and guttering around the roof of a building. It is important to check that these are tightly sealed especially around openings in the structure, for instance where the cables go in for television and phone.

If your premises are near overhanging trees, then these can provide an easy walkway right onto the roof. In this situation, you can either ensure that the trees are trimmed back away from the building or regular checks to the state of the roof are commissioned so that any openings are spotted quickly and repaired before the rodents can take advantage.

Attack Pest Control provide pest services to homes and business across the east of England, and are here to offer tips and advice for keeping your premises clear of unwanted creatures.