Rampaging Slugs

When a slug finds it’s way into your home, often simple pest control measures are enough to get rid of this pesky pest.

slug Although not classified as a pest, slugs can be an ugly addition to any room and are most often found in kitchens, utility rooms, larders, and garages.

Classed as casual intruders, they usually find their way indoors through cracks and crevices, and thrive in areas where damp conditions are present.

As a temporary measure, Attack Pest Control recommend using environmentally friendly slug pellets, which will help control your slug pests, at least until the problem can be dealt with in a more permanent way.

By employing preventative pest control measures such as moving foliage and potted plants away from all door and window frames, and investigating logged water drains and guttering, you can discourage slugs from entering your home in the first place.

By simply remembering that slugs don’t like dry conditions, you may be able to discourage and remove the presence of slugs yourself without having to call in a pest control technician.