No Fleas Please

Thorough treatment of a flea infestation requires cooperation between pest controller and customer to ensure that the problem does not re-occur in the future.

fleasFleas are a more difficult opponent to eradicate than most other household pests.

By using an integrated pest management approach that includes you, the homeowner, as part of the overall, long-term solution, fleas can be effectively controlled and customer relationships strengthened.

When facing flea infestations, the first and most-important challenge you will encounter is the insects’ biology, which mandates that different control approaches be used at specific stages of fleas’ four-stage lifecycles.

At their most-resilient, the pupal stage, these parasitic insects are protected by an impenetrable shell and can lay dormant for months. This stage allows them to survive most treatments and return to breed and re-populate.

To ensure effective, long-term solutions to flea infestations, it is often necessary to solicit your cooperation as part of the pest control strategy. Education is key as this will maximize the success of flea treatments, as well as ensuring that your home will remain flea-free once treatments have concluded.

Without customer cooperation and pre-treatment preparations, flea management will unfortunately prove to be mere temporary, half-measure fixes to out-of-control problems.