Bug Free BBQ

Barbeques can be a source of seasonal fun, but not when pests crash the party.

bug free summerWhen the sun is shining and the drinks are cold, you know it’s time to heat up the barbeque, however when pests gatecrash the party, the seasonal fun can be spoiled.

Ants, flies and stinging insects are prevalent in the late summer and early autumn and although often considered a mere annoyance to partygoers, these pests can also bite, sting, carry diseases and contaminate food.

Outdoor events can be tricky enough to plan for due to uncooperative weather and other unpredictable elements. Pest predicaments should not be another worry.

More than just a nuisance, these pests can leave painful bites and transmit diseases, which should compel homeowners to take an active role in their prevention. Simply by taking a few precautions to discourage unwanted pests from spoiling the fun, you and your guests can be left alone to enjoy the summer:

By sticking to these few simple steps, you will reduce the impact that garden pests have on your party, and will ensure that you will be left alone to eat, drink and be merry to your heart’s content.

If you’re concerned about an abundance of pests in your garden, contact a licenced pest professional to help control the problem.